Founder/President:  Dr. Regina Marie Baldwin, BA. M. Min. D. Min., C.P.L.C.

Regina’s life is one that celebrates the healing, hope, restoration, refreshment and renewal she receives from Jesus Christ and it is out of humble gratitude gives credit to her Heavenly Father for turning this ministry vision into a reality.

​Dr. Baldwin operated her first legal nonprofit Christian Ministry in Pennsylvania 14/15 years ago. She has continued to found, establish, and operate, various 501 (c) (3) Evangelistic Ministries through the years in various states. Upon moving to Missouri is 2009/2010, she operated Divine Destiny Coaching. (continued below):


It was during this time, she continued her undergraduate Psychology and Christian Counseling degree from Liberty University Online (Lynchburg, VA).

Dr. Baldwin completed an extensive 9-month Masters level counseling internship at Provident Community Services in St. Louis, MO. This internship included ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)Training and Certification by the United Way, domestic violence victim services, and batterer intervention mentor-ship as part of her Liberty University undergraduate degree requirements.  Dr. Baldwin was then trained and certified as a Life Coach in 2012 by Fowler Wainwright International (now two independent international life coaching credentialing schools). She attended bible college and graduate school in St. Louis, Missouri and completed a dual BA in Pastoral Counseling and  Masters in Ministry in 2012. Regina continued and completed with excellence her Doctorate in Ministry in 2013. 

Through the years, Dr. Baldwin has earned countless counseling certifications such as Additions & Recovery, Marriage Counseling, Children’s Counseling, Neurobiology of Trauma, Crisis & Trauma Recovery, and National Crisis & Suicide Certifications earning her an advanced diploma in Biblical Counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors.  Dr. Baldwin is a member in good standing with many professional associations including the American Association of Christian Counselors, the International Christian Coaching Federation, Biblical Coaching Alliance, American Counseling Association, American Marriage Ministries, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A true Philomath, Dr. Baldwin’s various mental health certifications and educational pursuits are too numerous to mention.

Dr. Baldwin has been licensed as a clergy by multiple organizations throughout the past 20 years. She is licensed by virtue of her office as CEO, President, and Sr. Pastor of an Evangelistic 501 (c) (3) Corporation and thereby a mandated reporter. Dr. Baldwin’s work with domestic violence, child abuse, high conflict custody and parental alienation cases require her to work regularly with courts, attorneys, licensed mental health experts, and CPS agencies nationally. Regina is uniquely qualified professionally, spirituality, and personally to equip, empower, advocate, and serve her clients.  

As a sought out international speaker, advocate and consultant, her solution focused modalities along with her solid foundation based on the Word of God provides for a well rounded spiritual & emotional approach for empowering her clients and those suffering to overcome any obstacle and past/present trauma.  Regina is a seasoned researcher, blogger & writer looking forward to her first book publication. 

Dr. Baldwin’s greatest passion is working with those who have experienced trauma  and have settled living with a broken heart.  This has caused many people , including Christians to believe that God is distant and uncaring.   While nothing could be farther from the truth, Regina understands how abuse and complex trauma can destroy our hope, our faith, our trust and how we see God, as Our Father, and even how we value ourselves.   Through  Biblical Coaching & Discipleship Services,  Prophetic Inner Healing Sessions; and Group Mentorship programs, she  facilitates reconciliation between the client and Jesus for inner healing and deliverance to the deepest parts of our soul. 

Dr. Baldwin is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping parents navigate CPS cases and parental alienation which often involve false child abuse allegations.  Dr. Baldwin has been alienated from two of her children since they are 2 and 4 years old – now 25 and 27 and while that time and those milestones are forever lost; her prayer has been that God would turn her pain into purpose.  Dr. Baldwin knows the unbearable stress, frustration, and sheer unbelief that every targeted parent experiences when they find themselves betrayed by a man who abused then and then further perpetrated by the very system meant to protect them.  Be assured, if your children are being alienated against you even the most subtle   ways, be sure to reach out because statistically 80% of custody cases have an element of alienation and attorneys, experts, and judges rule on behalf of the healthy parent on average less than 2% of the time.  Dr. Baldwin will empower you to turn the tables and build a offensive plan verses allowing your ex to keep you positioned in a way that all you are doing is defending yourself.   Learning how to take your case to courts of heaven and understanding the protocol that allows God to command verdicts and restraining orders here on earth on your behalf are vital to victory along with being more educated than the professionals you are up against. 

Lastly, nothing brings Regina more joy than to equip churches to help heal and serve the trauma of our generation.  From domestic violence, addiction, mental health, and various traumas – you don’t want to miss out of what she has to bring to your church community.  Dr. Baldwin operates heavily in the prophetic and loves teaching groups how to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit for themselves and others. 

When Dr. Baldwin isn’t working, she enjoys entertaining friends, horse back riding, hiking, cooking, or simply playing  and hiking with Judah, her companion German Shepherd. 

Recent Instruction and CE Include:

Inner Healing and Deliverance

  • Prophetic Heart Healing – 3 full day class

  • Reconciliation:  Inner Healing and Deliverance – 14 week intensive class Fall 2022 and 2021

American Association of Christian Counselors

  • Interpersonal Neuroscience Certification

  • Mental Health & First Responder Coach, 

Ultimate Parental Alienation Training Bundle (Sponsored by Parental Alienation Europe) August 2020

  • Parental Alienation: Understanding, Assessment & Intervention Seminar

  • Understanding Dynamics of Parental Alienation

  • Dublin Parental Alienation 2019 Conference

Parental Alienation Europe in association with La Dolce Vita Project NI Presents

  • Online 2020 Parental Alienation Conference – 11.26.20 

National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists Training: Effective Litigation of Parental Alienation: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses: ( taught by Dr. Bob Evans & Dr. J. Michael Bone)

Module 1: How Can Parental Alienation Happen?

  • How can this Happen?

  • The Science of Misperception

  • Dr. Steven Ceci

  • Attachment Theory

  • Attachment & PA

  • Attachment

  • The Science of Misperception

Module 2: Parental Alienation: Pathological Parenting and False Beliefs

  • PA vs PAS

  • Probability and Prevalence

  • PA in high conflict cases:

  • Alienation = pathological parenting

  • History

Module 3: 17 Alienating Strategies

  • The Lucifer Effect

  • 17 Alienating tactics/behaviors observed in favored or alienating parents

Module 4: Brainwashing and the Reliability of Children’s Testimony

  • Brainwashing techniques

  • Can You Always Believe The Children?

  • Abuse statistics

  • Detection of Parental Alienation

  • Deterioration: External and Internal

Module 5: Detection of Parental Alienation

  • False Allegations of Abuse

  • Deteriorating Relationship Between Child and TP

  • Fear Reaction Regarding Displeasing the AP

Module 6: Symptoms of Parental Alienation

  • Eight symptoms of Parental Alienation

  • Levels of severity

  • Estrangement

Module 7: Bias

  • Types of bias

Module 8: Seriousness of Parental Alienation

  • Consequences of Alienation

  • Treatment Programs

  • Why traditional therapy/counseling does not work

  • Overview of existing programs

Module 9: Reunification Programs

  • Family Reflections

  • Treatment Program for Severe Alienation

  • Family Bridges

  • Transitioning Families

Module 10: Litigation Strategies

  • Human memory

  • Strategies/Suggestions for attorneys representing the Rejected Parent

  • Strategies/Suggestions for attorneys representing the Favored Parent

  • Strategies/Suggestions for Judges

  • Human Memory

Module 11: Role of Experts in Litigation

  • Roles of experts in litigation



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