• I have suffered from sexual abuse as a child, which lead me into shame, isolation, depression, not knowing boundaries or how to speak up for myself. I found myself in a cycle of people pleasing, Co-dependency, not knowing how to say “no” to others and not knowing my self worth. I found myself in sinful situations, that my heart truly didn’t desire, which spiraled my shame and self worth. The Holy Spirit lead me to Dr. Regina Baldwin. Through her loving care, discipleship, coaching and inner healing sessions with the Holy Spirit. I have been able to receive freedom from generational curses, childhood trauma, and my sinful actions. Recognizing that my sin and from others around me have been holding me back from the greatness God has ordained for my life. Regina has been a strong force in helping me achieve that freedom! I’m so grateful for all Regina’s knowledge and guidance, she brings in every session. I can’t say enough about the breakthroughs, I’ve received.💕 Thank you so much, Regina for giving me a restored heart and mind! That God so desires for me, to enjoy my life! "

    Angelina, CA Restored Heart and Mind
  • I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded entrepreneurs. And Anna is always available to advise us.

    David, Arizona Parental Alienation - Restored Relationship with Daughter
  • I was living with the worst fear until I was led to Dr. Baldwin. I desperately needed to be set free. I was broken and paralyzed but the Holy Spirit used Dr.. Baldwin to break the chains not only of fear but also how I saw myself, Through our discipleship/coaching and inner healing sessions, I have come to see how Jesus really sees me and that Our Father God is real and truly loving. Regina is a giving and devoted person who enlightens with the presence of the Holy Spirit every time I speak to her. The Holy Spirit truly uses her to set people free. I now believe that nothing is impossible with Jesus in my life." My whole life is different including my marriage and family.

    SUSANA, Sweden Healed from Trauma and Fear- Operates in all gifts now.
  • Dr. Gia has been a great life coach and counselor for me and my children. Through thick and thin...For the past several years she has been there for all my life challenges. Dr. Baldwin has also been amazing with my kids. We love her and everyone she comes in contact with will feel the same. She brings families together and she really operates within the gift that God has given her. There is no one else I would recommend to call if you are in crisis or going through a tough time. I call her Gia because she is my friend!"

    AMANDA, Missouri Receiving coaching and counseling.
  • Dr. Baldwin has helped my husband and I go from being "ghosted" to Holy Ghosted! I'm striving to be more like Jochebed, trusting God with our adult kids. Regina has been extremely helpful in helping us deal with the parental alienation of one of our children and grandchild in a biblical way. Regina is a real diamond. I work in mental health and have not seen this mix of compassion, wisdom and faith in a counselor."

    THERESA, Missouri Parental Alienation Counseling
  • Step fathers have no legal rights in Missouri. That didn't stop Dr. Baldwin. She turned over every stone as I was alienated and couldn't even find out the status of the case and in 4 months got me full custody. You want her on your team. She's amazing.

    Dustin, Missouri Parental Alienation- Dr. Baldwin got me full custody.

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