7 Years Until Captivity: Who is your Naomi?

We are in an unprecedented Era of the Holy Spirit where God is raising up more prophetic voices than we have seen in recent history. God does not do anything without telling His prophets. The things of God though are available for all to hear. We have become a lazy generation that is not willing to slow down long enough to commune with God and wait on what His has to say to us. It’s so much easier to become prophetic junkies and follow those we are confident are hearing God’s Voice with clarity. Actually, God’s Voice is not heard as much as it is discerned. We live in an auditory highway of voices – voices of the enemy; voices of our flesh; voices of our soul; voices of the world; voices of past trauma – voices…voices…voices. Once again, I can’t stress enough how vitally important it is that every single believer becomes a mature disciple in this season.

We have watched famines and plagues and tsunami’s hit other countries but my fear is that the Western World is so secure in it’s comforts and elitism that we aren’t really taking seriously what the prophet’s have been saying. Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that His second coming would be as the times of Noah. Noah preached for 120 years and everyone but one family perished. Shall we not learn from history. Sadly, it appears so far that we have not but there is yet time.

This is a prophetic word from Internationally recognized Prophet Tomi Arayomi. I partner with his ministry and attend his school of apostles and prophets. He has an accurate track record and the Lord confirmed these words to me and told me to release them to you. This is not the entire 40 minute video. The link is below. This is part 1 and I changed some of the words only to have it read more fluently as this was released in a video. I believe this is a VERY IMPORTANT WORD.

“The Bible says “By prophecy we wage a good warfare.” (1 Timothy 1:18). We don’t wait for prophecy, we war for prophecy. We war for it to come to pass. I want to share something I saw for the year 2030. I don’t believe that is when Jesus is coming back. Some of you think ‘well what does that have to do with me.’? Well prophecy is both sovereign and conditional. Most people don’t know this but 9 times out of 10 prophecy is conditional. Prophecy can be halted by the action or inaction of the Saints. Or as Isaiah in Chapter 53 says “O Lord, who has believed our report?” Which means when people don’t believe the Word that has been released – by their inaction then the Sovereign Word of the Lord takes places. For example: God says to Jeremiah in 18: 7-8

The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, But if that nation I warned turns from its evil, then I will relent of the disaster I had planned to bring.…

“I believe the Lord showed me come 2030 that there was going to be a collision between political agendas and a global crisis. I don’t believe we are only talking about food shortages or oil or water shortages. The Lord was also not referring to the Global Reset of the World Economic Forum that they have planned for 2030. I believe what the Lord is saying is ‘there’s going to be a perfect collision of what created Hitler. It was the perfect storm of the hunger of the people during the time of a great depression versus a leader who rose up as a solution. That is when we begin to see tyranny come into play. I believe what we (the prophets) are seeing is a Sovereign move meaning it is not conditional. (This can not be stopped by repenting – we can only prepare.)

Like there were famines when Elijah said rain is coming and then there was a famine for which Joseph prepared Egypt that could not be stopped. This is what I see coming. I believe we are going to have to be very careful about spending. I am not talking about saving but investing and taking risk. And while you are praising God this month, the atmosphere of Goshen is growing and there will be a specific set of instructions that the Lord is going to release even over the lamest of you that don’t understand.

People are starting to panic like ‘do I need to get into cryptocurrency’; ‘do I need to buy a farm’? People are starting to panic about what do I need to do. If you don’t know anything about these things – farming, and cryptocurrency, let me tell you for some of you who are less informed about the future of technology and you are feeling disenfranchised. Perhaps you are over 40 or over 50 and you’ve seen the world shift so dramatically that you don’t recognize it anymore and you are wondering how you fit in.


The solution is that Ruth’s must partner with Naomi’s and Naomi’s must partner with Ruth’s. What that means is the competence of a generation has to align with another generation and there has got to be a partnership pairing. That means Ruth does not understand the work in the field but Naomi understands the prophetic. She’s encountered God and had a visitation. Goshen is a visitation and who you align with in this next season determines whether you step into Goshen or not.

We are looking for righteous alignments with righteous people and with prophetic people. Naomi was a prophetic person who could understand seasons and Ruth had the strength to work the field that Naomi had foreseen. So Naomi can’t work that field because she is too old. Her confidence and strength has run out but she’s skilled in discerning visitation where Ruth may not discern things clearly but Ruth says to Naomi ‘I will cleave to you’.

The Bible uses that terminology in regards to marriage when God says you will cleave to your husband. Wee are in such a crucial season that those of you who are used to church by yourself or have forsaken the gathering of the brethren are going to have to find a cleaving point. You may be able to cleave to someone online but you’re going to have to make decisions about who you are going to cleave too. You must make decisions about who your spiritual parent is going to be. This is where righteous prophetic alignment comes from. This is where the movement is happening and I need to go where the Lord is moving even if I don’t quite understand it. I’m going to learn it when I get there. I really believe that this is the season that we are in. So that is the number one thing the church needs to build- it needs to build Goshen.

The second thing the church needs to build is Antioch. This blew my mind when I read it.

Acts Chapter 11: 27-29 NIV

27 During this time some prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch.28 One of them, named Agabus, stood up and through the Spirit predicted that a severe famine would spread over the entire Roman world. (This happened during the reign of Claudius.)29 The disciples, as each one was able, decided to provide help for the brothers and sisters living in Judea.30 This they did, sending their gift to the elders by Barnabas and Saul.

These verses showed me how unprepared we are but if we align ourselves with the Spirit of God, He created the world in 7 days so He can accelerate us so that we are aligned in this season with Him. Read those verses very carefully again. The DISCIPLES AS EACH ONE was ableto provide for the brothers and sisters in Judea. Antioch was a type of Goshen. Antioch was a body of not just believers but disciples. It was an Apostolic Center that was uniquely positioned not just to provide the Word bu they were uniquely positioned to provide for worldly things. I’m going to say it again ‘Antioch was an Apostolic Center not just positioned to provide the Word; they were uniquely positioned to provide humanitarian support for crisis. These people decided that they were going to feed during the famine. That means Antioch was a type of Goshen prosperous enough that each one could put together- the disciples- not the followers of Jesus- the disciples. It says the disciples – each one of them provided as they were able to provide for those living in Judea.

So listen here to me. When the time came and from the Spirit they knew the famine was coming; they prepared so they were uniquely positioned to provide for people during the famine. I believe God is saying that ‘you’ve been given a heads up. 2023 is the time for the body to get uniquely positioned to deal with humanitarian crisis. We’ve got to start seeing ourselves as the lenders to Nations and no longer as borrowers. We have 7 years left and I’m going to tell you quite bluntly that is we can build the type of financial wealth; if we can build the type of capital; then the church can rich enough to be a contender on the world stage. You are not a contender on the world stage if you are shouting and preaching from the pulpit. You’re only a contender on the world stage when you know how to use mammon to make friends. You only get a seat at the table to influence humanitarian decisions and the flow of them when you have wealth.

You can not build Goshen if you are not a Joseph and Joseph wasn’t sitting around and complaining about what the politicians were doing. Joseph had a seat at the heathen tables to turn the tables; to turn the decision makers; to turn their philosophies towards righteousness. In the world, money speaks and there’s a momentum coming in this season where God is releasing the wealth of the wicked to the saints who are following a kingdom agenda. It is an attitude of God that says – a heart that postures itself before the Lord and says ‘what are you building that I can align with in this season. I believe that we are going to see a colliding of political agendas with world events. Some are going to say this is deliberate. They will say this was planned. “

There is an extensive Word for Nigeria that I was not given authority to release. If you want to watch the video and hear the Word for Nigeria, I will put the link for this Word at the end.

Here is the Link for the video: You have 7 Years Left to prepare for this #the watch Tomi Atayomi

There is another part to this specifically to America. I will release that tomorrow.

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