A Divine Push: The Wild Ones are Coming

Christa Smith delivers a powerful prophetic Word from the Lord at the this years prophetic Summit hosted by Cindy and Mike Jacobs. (Click on their names and it will take you to their bio.) They gather yearly prophets from around the Nations to hear what God wants to tell His people for the coming year – both 5783 which is the Hebrew Year started on Roshashanah and for the coming 2023. Over 31 powerful prophets gathered for this event.

The Holy Spirit has asked me to share some of the Words that were given. This is a powerful Word given by Christa Smith.

Christa Smith

“The Spirit of God is in the house this morning and I thank You Lord. I thank you for the impartation and the portion that you have for every single person that is in the room and those who are watching and who will watch in the future.

I want you to raise your expectation of what God is going to do in your life today. We call on Your Glory today. We call on Your Presence. We ask for an impartation and a manifestation of a greater understanding of Who You are. We break off every lid. We break off every limitation. We asked for a greater exploit of you Jesus in this hour for You are raising up an end time Army. An army that is to walk in signs and wonders and miracles and things that are unexplainable and things that are unimaginable. Will You get us out of our preferences? Will you give us a rattling? Will you allow a shaking of the Believers? For we are not satisfied with that which has been good – we are no longer satisfied with the portion we have had of You as rich and deep as it has been for many. We ask for the more. We ask for the more Lord to be poured out this morning. We asked for a greater portion to be tapped into. In Jesus name.

I heard the Lord say that the end time Army is arising across this globe and in this hour the Lord gave me a word: November 1st, 2022 for you that the end time Army is rising and it is unrelenting in their loyalty and commitment to the things of God. We are in the days where we are seeing the separation between the conditional followers of Jesus – those who have followed Him on their own terms; and those who have said “I will give my life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For we are stepping into a time of History where we will see Martyrs for Jesus and it will happen in the soil of our own Nation. There has been a line drawn in the Spirit and the Grace from the past seasons has lifted and the call to Holiness and Righteousness is not a suggestion. The call to Holiness and Righteousness is a requirement. We are stepping into a time of travailing and weeping at the altars and standing in the gap for a Nation who has been rebellious and made herself an God. The Lord is asking us to give Him the idol of time. Will you give Him the idol of time which He is asking of us. The idol of time from our life; from our church; and from our programs; from our gatherings. We have made the arch nemesis of God in this hour the clock and the Lord says “I’m asking every pastor and leader and spiritual person that is leading a movement or a ministry or a move of God in this hour or who feels called to lead a move of God in this hour – will you give me your schedule? Will you give me the clock? Will you give me the schedule? I don’t come this morning with an easy word but I come with a Word of the Lord and I pray that you receive this portion because I believe it’s going to shake some things up from the ministry you are called to lead in this hour

If you lead like you led in 2021 or even the beginning of 2022 you will miss the portion that God is releasing in this hour for 2023 because we are in a new era and we are in a new time and a new wine skin. And you have to understand that you can’t be the leader you were even yesterday. You must step into the new leadership required for this moment for the Lord is asking for the idol of time; the idol of it being your way; and your preference; for what I’m about to do in 2023 is an explosion of My Sovereignty and in My Presence and in this Nation. The prayers and the repentance of this Nation have shifted things over America.

Let me speak to America for a moment. I realize we have many people from different nations but I do want to say this specifically over America. The Lord says “Align with Me where I am first and there is no other. Align with Me where I am first and there is no other. And He says a third time: align yourself with Me and there is no other. For the preeminence of Christ will become the greater Revelation in 2023 where nothing can come before Our King, Our Savior, The Great I Am. He must be first and He must be foremost for the Lord says the year of 2023 is a year of Divine reorder and birthing a move of God. As we step into 2023, I wanted to speak clearly over you, the body of Christ, specifically leaders for we are in a moment of a Divine push. We can choose to be satisfied where we are as pastors, teachers, evangelists, after all we are seeing an increase in salvations; we are seeing fuller altars; a deeper accuracy of the prophetic; and we’re seeing an uptick in all these things but as good as it is -God is saying will you not be satisfied with this portion but will you press in for the more. It’s called push. We’re in a Divine push and I feel an invitation from the Lord over all of us to believe for the more. I believe pastors, leaders, and worship leaders are being raised up in this hour with a midwife anointing to help birth this next move of God that we are in. We are in a Divine push. Will you say push? Friends, this is when you’re in the delivery room and everything is about that baby coming out of the mother. We’re in that moment where everything is about what is being birthed. There is going to be a cry that is released. There is going to be a birth cry released.

When something is about to be birthed we have to recognize that it’s going to be raw, undefined, undignified, and it will make you uncomfortable. Well what God is releasing in this hour is going to press every religious bone in your body because this move of God being birthed; it will not be polished. It will not be pretty. It will not even be explainable. It is going to be messy. It is going to be raw. It’s going to be a cry from the Lord but I want you to know that it is a going to be a Divine push that is required to birth what God is doing in this hour.

Where are my midwives in the house? You have to recognize that when you’re in the delivery room and there’s a Divine push- it will bring everything into order. It pushes away anything that is not essential for that moment. When you are in a delivery room; when there’s too much conversation; I need you to get out of the room. If you’re talking about your to-do list or where you want to go shopping or what you want to eat – every mother that has ever given birth will tell you to get out of my room right now. I need everybody to focus on the task at hand and everything is about birthing this child. If you’re not focused on the task at hand I need you to get out of the position you think you are taking because all you are doing is taking up some real estate in the Spirit. God needs intercessors to take a hold of what He is doing.

I want you to understand that there is a repositioning in the Spirit right now and God says “just because you’ve had a title and even a church or a Ministry last season; friends you’re not in position to push. And then God is going to take you up out of your seat and escort you out of the room of delivery. That doesn’t mean you will not be part of the move of God but it does mean you won’t be part of leading it. We have to understand what is required.

Ladies can I speak to you for a moment? I’m going to encourage you in this season of birthing to not even wear your makeup to church right now. Go ahead and wear your stretchy pants and your sneakers because we aren’t coming to church here to look cute – we are coming here for war. We are not at a place in the church where we come to make nice sounds or play. We are here in the moment of the church to make war on what has been opposing a move of God. And God is raising up an army that has a cry; that has a sound that recognizes “I will not be content with what was of yesterday or reading about it in history books; but, I am only content if I see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the full measure of what you have Lord for my era; for my generation; for my city; for my church.

Where are the midwives in the room? Now as you push, I heard the Lord say “now be prepared because remember it’s raw, it’s uncomfortable, it’s messy. No, it is not pretty’ It’s going to press every religious bone in your body and it’s the first complaint; the first unfiltered cry and groan in the delivery room of revival – on the first pushback from people who don’t like it – you’ll be tempted to pull back – to stop pushing – to quiet your cry to cater to the complacent”. But the Lord says if you want to be a carrier of the next move of God then you must embrace the sound. You must embrace the uncomfortable. You must be willing to let go of what you know and embrace what you don’t know but knowing it still is God. But those willing to move out of their comfort zone will step into the realm of unusual miracles.

I want you to recognize that there is a positioning available to you right now that is you shaking off what you have learned for the Lord says “I am having my church unlearn how it is to be a professional worshiper, a professional preacher, a professional prayer, a professional Church attender, a professional son and daughter, and getting them back in position of first love . Because all of what we’re talking about comes from a place of consecration. There is a fresh consecration that’s required for this push.

Psalm 24:3-4 “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? “He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.”

You see we must understand there’s a line being drawn in the spirit, A Holiness is being required from the Lord for this next move of God and because we are still in a time of exposure – and so many times when we hear that we become afraid of being exposed . But the Lord says “your fear should never be of being exposed, your fear should be of His Presence lifting off of you.

The Lord says out of this fresh consecration that is coming to the church right now; it is going to start with the leaders and rather than be exposed by the enemy, they will humble themselves and say “Lord forgive me. I’ve lived a double life. I preached about You on Sunday morning but then cursed at my family Sunday night. I prepped on Saturday for my sermon but by Sunday afternoon I’m watching things that I shouldn’t be watching on Netflix”. Come on, preacher! Come on worship leader! And then you wonder why you’re not touching heaven in your services. It’s because you’re bringing a compromise to the Temple of the Lord and the Lord is saying “ I am not allowing compromise in my Pulpit anymore”. There is a cleansing that is required for this hour to be a midwife . Oh it sounds glorious! It sounds exciting; but, let’s not get it twisted.

Let us understand the consecration that is required to push through and be in the delivery room of a move of God . It’s going to require your reputation. It’s going to require you to go beyond your logic. It’s going to require you to get uncomfortable and you are going to find that at times you will have to sacrifice some relationships who are not willing to go to the delivery room with you. Midwife, you will carry this move of God.

And this is the move of God that will change the Nation. This is a move of God that is bigger than your church; then your city. It is one that is carried with fire that will go throughout the Nations. It will be the one that brings the one billion soul harvest. That doesn’t happen from nicely clapping your hands and living compromise from Monday to Friday. It doesn’t happen unless you get a little bit radical.

If I was wearing Hoops I’d be taking off my hoops because when a woman takes off her hoops she’s ready to throw down. She’s ready to throw some blows. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to throw some blows because I’m tired of a generation not having a reference point for who my God is . This move of God that you and I are called to carried is going to require something that has never been required of you before. IT IS CALLED EVERYTHING.

As a prophetic voice I could come and say “peace peace” but I would lying to you for we are not in a time of peace but a time of war. We are in a time of war over the soul of our Nation and the Lord is raising up the prophets of this hour to restore conscience back to the Nation. There is a purity that is going to begin to come through the prophetic voice ; but that is also required of the Bride, the preacher, the pastor, the worship leader, the son and the daughter, and the lay person.

The spirit of God is here to rattle us from the place of complacency. If that is you then cry out “Rattle me God; rattle me and if there is any dead places; ( I had more notes on dead places but I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying to stay in this place. That if I added any more it would pull from the focus and the emphasis of what the Lord is doing right now). Let the arrow of the Lord point to exactly where you need Him to rattle you. If you are willing to be a midwife and be rattled for the things of God – if you are willing to allow a new – Oh, come on friends. Let us not be an echo of complacency. Let us not be an echo of niceties in this hour. Let us bring the true Word of the Lord in this hour. And the new sound that’s going to come from the birthing room – it is a travailing cry and it’s raw and unfiltered but oh, it’s desperate. It changes atmospheres. It shifts Nations. It brings a harvest because we are so desperate for a move of God. If that is you? If you are desperate for a move of God, stand up.

Before I finish the Lord is saying all this because He said I’m raising up a generation of the Wild Ones. Oh Lord I want to be a wild one. I just want to go crazy for You. If that is you, take a stand right now. If you want to be a wild one for God, wherever you are stand. If you can say, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I don’t care what it sounds like. I don’t care what it looks like. Lord, I just want to be used for You. There’s a wildness coming back to the church, it’s coming back to preaching, there’s a wild coming back to worship, there’s a wildness coming back to the prophet. God says you’ve been too domesticated. Let the Lord hear your wild cry. If you want to be a wild one, write wild one in the comment section. “

Bio for Christa Smith

Whether speaking nationally or internationally, Christa’s passion for the Lord pours out of her. Her life was significantly marked after a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit as a young girl. From that moment on, the Prophetic heart of the Father became the foundation of her walk with Jesus.

Christa delivers what she hears from the Holy Spirit with humor, accuracy, and powerful personal experiences. She is known for her passionate preaching and down to earth approachability, but what many people don’t know is that Christa is a student of Krav Maga, a home design enthusiast, and lover of all things cozy!

Christa’s background includes graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Communication. She then went on to Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia where she completed the Pastoral Ministry Program. She has planted and has been Director of two Schools of Ministry; one in the San Francisco Bay area and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada. Christa has also served as Associate Pastor at Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon and Executive Pastor at Expression 58 in Glendale, California. Christa has added author to her resume by releasing her first book, ‘Singled Out in a Couples World’.

She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area and travels full time with her husband, Sean, ministering together throughout America & beyond.

My prayer is that everyone of you would receive this powerful Word from the Lord. If you are struggling with compromise or a habitual sin; don’t beat yourself up about it- reach out and call us today. You may need some inner healing. Often we know we are stuck in some sort of sin or dysfunctional cycle and try to heal ourselves. At best, that usually brings temporary results. Whatever you are struggling with today, call us for a free consultation. You can reach Dr. Baldwin at 417-731-8354 and we offer biblical counseling, biblical coaching, trauma coaching and recovery, inner healing and deliverance, along with groups starting soon all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a phone, pad, or computer.

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