Saw US Capital Build Laid as a Coffin Prophetic Word

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Do not fear at this time where evil seems to prosper, I am

bringing you to victory. There is a shaking of the foundations in America unlike you have ever

experienced in the past. I am removing every mask of deception, dismantling satanic

structures and demolishing demonic altars. There will be two significant deaths that shall

come, they will mark an end of the injustice they have sown. This will be a sign that I will not

tolerate the spirit of python in your nation! I’m destroying the stranglehold that hell has

placed upon you America. Do not seek to speak to the fallen dust from which man has come.

Do not argue with the dark carnality and corruption of sinful man. Do not entangle yourself in

the war of the flesh in Washington DC. Speak to that which I have given to you. Speak in the

Spirit to the Wind, speak my Word to the earth. Prophesy to the dry bones and they will live!

Prophesy to the spiritual wells of revival covered over and call them forth to flow again. For

there will come one that has stood in the United Nations as a Prophet for me. They will say,

‘This man is not a puppet we can not pay him to do as he is told. How were we unable to

remove him! Make him silent for he goes against that which we want to achieve.’ I say to he is

not a politician, but my prophet. I have sent him as one crying in the wilderness. For America

you have become a wilderness to me, one filled with wild beasts and a jackal. In seasons past

they worshipped their god Baal in secret, but now they worship him openly and mock me. Your

world forum will not prevail over my heavenly plan. I will strip and strike down world powers

and reveal your weaknesses before many. You have created places so evil that torches give off

no warmth when they are lit. I am clearing the board! I am tearing down idolatrous men. I am

smashing altars of self worship in your midst.” I saw the US Capital building area laid like a

coffin with a man resting in it. I then saw the Lord put the plumb line in Congress. I heard the

Spirit of the Lord say, “I will dismantle the destroyer. I will destroy death in this nation. I will

uproot the oppressor. I will bring my plumb line in this nation, so look past the visible. Read

beyond the headlines. Feel the labor pains are intensifying. The birth pains are increasing. Just

as a diamond is created through intense pressure and time, I am birthing the most radical of

spiritual revolutions in the backdrop of intense warfare in this season!”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp

Prophet Charlie Shamp is a powerful prophet and a proven track record since a child.  At 18 years old and even younger, he would gather with friends and pray for days and nights consecutively.  He read that Kathryn Kullman prayed 12 hours a day and purposed Himself to passionately seek the Lord and He operates an international ministry with His wife called

I know I have been silent for the past several weeks as I pressed into the Lord in regards to opening a door to move. He has called me to Houston and though I don’t know anyone there; I’m excited to see all that He has for this ministry.  I have received powerful prophetic words regarding his promises and signs to me.  We are in a season unlike any other and as God’s Ways are not our ways, they are actually foolish to the wisdom of man, my question that I will leave you to meditate upon is “Are you willing to be radically obedient in following the Holy Spirit regardless of how counter culture, counter logic, or just utterly ridiculous His plan for you in this season sounds.  Be sure to sign up for our notifications as I will be shortly  offering classes, webinars, groups and other services to help those who desire to learn to hear from God; grow in discernment, and get equipped to be set free in areas that have hindered you in the past so that you can go  out and set captives free, operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and posture your heart to be a habitation of His Glory.

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